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Our team of Physiotherapists provide evidence based assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and delivery to residents of Central Queensland across a variety of settings. We use strong clinical reasoning skills to develop and deliver a treatment plan tailored to the individual. We believe in empowering the individual to drive their own recovery and pride ourselves on our ability to assist the individual to develop the tools they require to achieve their optimum level of health and wellness. 

We use many different treatment techniques in this process such as manual therapy, massage, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, functional exercise prescription, cardio-respiratory physiotherapy techniques, casting, splinting, bracing and equipment prescription. 

The role of the generalist Physiotherapist servicing regional, rural and remote communities is both challenging and rewarding. We do not have ready access to the state of the art facilities available to those living in large metropolitan areas and as such we have learnt to be resourceful and adaptable in service delivery to ensure that our clients still receive the highest quality in healthcare.